Why You Snore and How to Stop It

One of the great annoyances of sleeping with a partner is the snoring. Many of us have experienced it. You settle into bed, you start to drift off, and then you hear that noise that loud sound coming from your partner, and suddenly, sleep vanishes while you listen to the nasal rock concert and hope your partner turns over and quiets down soon.

This happens to many of us every night, and we just resign ourselves to the fact without any further investigation. Our partner snores, and that’s the end of it.

Of course, that’s not really the end of it. There are causes to snoring, and in fact, there are also solutions.

There are a number of common causes for snoring, including allergies, smoking, hypothyroidism, alcohol, sleep apnea, obesity, daytime fatigue, a deviated septum or nasal passages, poor muscle toning of the tongue, or other general health problems.

Some of these causes can be addressed through lifestyle changes. Ask your partner to quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol at bedtime. While those aren’t easy fixes, per se, addressing them might lower the risk of a snore-filled night. At the same time, making sure to get enough rest (which would help with fatigue) and exercise (which would help with obesity) are excellent solutions to some of the other causes above.

Those four lifestyle changes, while again, not easy, are recommended regardless of snoring. Living smoke-free with moderation in alcohol, enough rest, and adequate exercise help health issues across the board.

At the same time, addressing allergies and hypothyroidism would also improve the health and quality of life for your snoring partner.

However, even with these issues all addressed, there is still a chance your partner will be keeping you awake half the night with his or her nighttime nasal orchestra.

Thankfully, you still don’t have to tolerate that forever. No, the solution isn’t earplugs, there are devises and techniques now that can ease your partner’s snoring or remove it entirely.

Some of these techniques can be used in sleep therapy, in which professionals help find the cause of your restless sleep and address it. If you have sleep apnea (which involves the temporary blocking of airways), you may need a device to correct the problem.

The truth is, as annoying as snoring is for you, there are greater risks for your partner. Snoring, especially if caused by sleep apnea, means your partner is not getting high-quality rest. This in and of itself is a problem, but sleep apnea can also lead to things as serious as a stroke or heart attack. It can also lead to depression.

So, don’t just resign yourself to your partner snoring forever. The best thing for them, and for you, is to go see a specialist and get the problem resolved permanently. Then, you can both sleep better and enjoy better health.

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My Dad and the Wrong Drug

Bad news for me and my family. My dad’s been out of commission lately, and now it looks like we’re going to have to sue somebody.

I’m sort of running through this too quickly, so I’ll try and slow down a bit.

My dad’s been feeling unwell lately. He’s been getting tired very quickly. He’s drowsy often. And he says he’s had some recurring nausea. We went to his doctor, and the doctor gave him a prescription. So far, all fine. The doctor said it wasn’t anything to worry about, but these pills should help.

We went to the pharmacist, and I want to say now, it wasn’t like at a very late hour and it wasn’t crazy busy so there’s no excuse for what happened. There were maybe two people ahead of us. We waited, got our pills. The instructions were three times a day. My dad must have sensed something was wrong because he double checked the name on the label with the name of the drug the doctor gave him. But everything matched up, so we took them and went home.

Nothing changed for a couple days. I mean, nothing. He was still drowsy, sleeping late, refusing to eat. We called the doctor, and the doctor was a bit puzzled as well. He said it should have taken effect faster, but we should go ahead and wait a couple more days. If nothing improved by then, he’d switch to a different drug.

It was that evening that my dad had a seizure. Absolutely terrifying. I’ve never seen one and I didn’t really know what to do. Thankfully, he’s alright. We went to the emergency room and spent a very scary and stressful night there. It was there that they figured out my dad was taking the wrong medication.

Now, we’re looking at lawsuits. There’s an ongoing investigation into what happened. We think the pharmacist simply put the wrong drug in the bottle, but the pharmacist claims the bottle was packaged wrong by the supplier.

All that means we don’t know who to go after until it gets cleared up if it can be cleared up. There was some kind of product liability issue, but I’m not confident it’ll ever get sorted out. It seems to me the safest thing for the pharmacist and the drug company to do would be to blame each other so no one can definitively be held responsible.

I want to just drop it, but my mom is determined. She’s calling the local newspapers and TV stations. She wants to make someone pay for this scare.

I just want my dad to get better. Hopefully, now we have a new prescription, he’ll start getting back to being his old self and we can get back to being the old happy family we’ve always been.

I don’t think I need to say that we insisted the doctor prescribe a different drug, and we picked it up at a new pharmacist. This one seems to be working far better.

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Kids Dental Health

Dental health is especially important for you as you grow and learn to follow routines – at home or school. Just as you follow a routine with getting up and getting dressed in the morning, it is also important for you to practice good dental hygiene on a regular basis. All children can get busy with their school work and activities, but following a schedule of good dental practices can benefit you in your growing years!

It is especially important for you to brush with toothpaste twice daily and floss your teeth once daily, preferably after eating a favorite snack or sweet beverage. Try to limit that sweet stuff! If you have a favorite fruit, cheese or yogurt, that may be better for you and to keep your teeth in great shape. If you also chew gum, try a sugarless one. There are some sugarless gums that have earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance by helping to prevent cavities by strengthening teeth. You can look for this ADA Seal when you get your chewing gum.

Flossing is a good habit to follow.   If you have questions about how to floss, ask your parents or your dentist. Flossing is good because it gets rid of bacteria and plaque buildup that could lead to inflammation and gum disease. To keep that beautiful smile, remember to floss.

It is also good to think about what you are eating because that affects your overall health and your dental health. Keeping your teeth and body healthy will help you as you grow older. Make sure that you get enough lean proteins, grains, and fruits and vegetables. The proteins that would be good are not just meats and seafood, but you also can have eggs, beans, legumes or peas.

If your teeth are out of alignment, you can check with your dentist to see if you can benefit from braces. Your teeth may get harder to keep clean and it could be easier to get cavities if you don’t get braces when you need them. For those of you that already have braces, good oral hygiene is especially important. Check with your dentist on foods that may need to be avoided, as they could interfere with the braces or bend the wires. Any sticky foods like caramel or chewy candy or gum would be best to be avoided if you have braces. Also, foods like hard candy, popcorn, or nuts may cause some issue with your braces. Or, if you like apples or carrots, try slicing them first before eating them. If you do have to go to the dentist to get your braces tightened and your teeth get sore, you can get by for a few days by eating softer foods like soups, smoothies, or oatmeal.

As a kid, you learn habits, so it is best to learn some good habits! It is best to not skip on your dental hygiene or a well-balanced diet! See the dentist regularly and smile!

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What is Craft Beer?

Over the last several years, craft beers have skyrocketed in popularity. It seems like every bar in town offers a multitude of different types of local beers to try. However, for anyone just entering the craft beer scene, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Even just understanding what makes your drink a “craft beer” can be hard for a beginner. Thankfully, the beer experts at craftbeer.com have created a convenient guide to explain the basics of what makes a craft beer.

The United States has the largest selection of beers available in the entire world. There are over 150 styles of beer, over 2,000 brands, and an estimated 5,000 breweries creating individual craft beers.  These numbers have been on the rise since 2011, and they are expected to continue growing, as more people are discovering a love for the wide variety that craft beers offer. According to the article, it is difficult to strictly define a craft beer because each of these beers is different from one another. However, there are key factors to look for and recognize that help to create the quintessential craft brew. The most important of the include:

  • The primary ingredients used: these ingredients may include malt, hops, yeast, and water.
  • The senses used when tasting the beer: the appearance, mouthfeel, aroma, and flavor of the beer all enhance the actual drinking experience.
  • Elements which enhance the beer-drinking experience: these are additional components breweries may offer with their beer. Some of the most common include glassware, food pairings, and service
  • Key characteristics which define and differentiate beers: the SRM identifies the color of the beer, IBU measures the hops in the beer and how they affect the flavor, ABV determines how alcoholic the brew is, and gravity indicates the amount of residual sugar after fermentation

Each of these different factors makes up the beer that you are drinking, and they will change for every brew that you try. Determining which of these factors are you favorite can help you find other beers that you enjoy, and it will also allow you to better understand your drink.

Once you better understand the differences between craft beers, you can begin to choose your drinks more carefully. This allows you to try beers you know you will enjoy and venture into new beer territory. Although it will take time and practice to begin recognizing the differences in each brew, this knowledge can take your drinking experience to a different level of interest and enjoyment.

Local bars and breweries offer a wide range of options of different craft beers to try. However, you can also bring the on-tap drinking experience right to your home. Growler Chill allows you to keep growlers of craft beer fresh for days. This way you can enjoy trying a wide variety of beers, while still maintaining the freshness of beer on-tap. Click here to pre-order your Growler Chill today and enjoy the exciting world of craft beer.

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Selling Mineral Rights means Cash Up Front

The discovery of new shale gas regions at various locations in the U.S. plus the advancement in drilling technologies have led the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) to confidently state that the decline in the volume of natural gas produced from existing shale regions can, and will be, offset by new ones. Even the International Energy Agency (IEA) was candid enough to say that the increase in natural gas production may end US’ reliance on foreign oil over the next twenty years.

Shale gas pertains to natural gas trapped within fine-grained sedimentary rocks or shale formations. These sedimentary rocks are abundant sources of natural gas and petroleum. According to the EIA, the top six regions in the US that produce all of the nation’s domestic natural gas needs, as well as about 90% more growth in oil production are the:

  • Eagle Ford shale in Southern Texas;
  • Bakken shale region, which extends from North Dakota and Montana;
  • Niobrara, which stretches across parts Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and South Dakota;
  • Haynesville in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas;
  • Permian in Western Texas; and,
  • Marcellus, one of the most extensive shale regions in the US and probably the second largest in the world. This shale area across Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.

Private individuals, whose properties will most likely be affected by the still widening drilling activities in the top six regions, are all frequently confronted by the same question: Will they be selling their property, selling mineral rights or will they just be leasing these?

Offers from companies willing to buy mineral rights can reach millions of dollars. When an offer is made, this means cash up front. A property owner may, however, choose to sell only his or her mineral rights and not the whole property (this is allowed in states where separate ownership of real estate and mineral rights is recognized).



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The Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), a global maritime safety treaty, has issued the “Safe Return to Port” regulation on all types of ships; this mandate was passed in order to guarantee the safe return of all ship passengers back to port even after an accident at sea. Besides the safe return to port mandate, SOLA has also required that all new cruise ships ought to be equipped with self-sufficient, international standard clinics and other emergency facilities.

Though there may be no questions about facilities, it is not the same with regard to how skilled and trained cruise ship staff and medical personnel are, and how strictly the SOLAS mandates are being observed. Because, with the frequency and severity of disasters, the crimes committed on board while on cruise, viral outbreak, unsanitary conditions, and injury to (and sometimes death of) passengers, the mandates appear to be very far from being fully observed.

Pirates, smashing into an iceberg, hitting an underground rock, sea storms and rogue waves – these are not the only reported causes of passenger injuries. Though the cruise ship industry should be prepared to address all these possibilities, it should not overlook addressing the major contributory factor behind every accident and dangerous situation – negligence of ship crew and personnel in maintaining the ship and their incompetence in reacting well during emergency situations.

After one cruise ship was stranded out at sea for five days due to fire (this actually turned what was supposed to be a grand, exotic and exciting adventure into a nightmarish experience to more than 4,000 passengers), had one towline snapping as it was being tugged to port, crashed into another boat and ended with a 20-foot gash on its side after getting unmoored while undergoing repairs, and had to be evacuated by repair workers after nearby fuel barges exploded, many ask just how many power failures, fires, or other untoward incidents a cruise ship averagely undergoes during its lifetime.

According to the firm the Vucci Law Group, while a cruise ship vacation can really be a perfectly exciting experience, the dangers passengers can face, in the event of an accident, can also be truly frightening, as passengers have limited space and corners to run to for safety. Thus, in the event of an accident, it is very important that the victim contacts a cruise ship accident lawyer immediately. This is because the preparations, the documents that need to be submitted, and the procedures that need to be observed regarding a legal act against a cruise ship are complicated and can only be done at a specific court in a specific state and within a specific time.

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An accident is a always traumatic experience for anyone, and there is no telling what extent of damage there will be, as well as what physical injuries a victim will sustain and how serious these injuries will be. Such will be greatly affected by the types of vehicles involved in the accident and the speed of these vehicles before collision. Thus, a bigger and faster moving vehicle will definitely cause greater property damage and more serious injuries in the victim.

Besides the physical injuries, however, a victim is sure to suffer financial difficulties too since injuries will require medical treatment, the cost of which depends on the severity of the injury. And if the victim will not be capable of rendering work during recovery period, that means lost wages, putting him/her and his/her family in a more stressful situation.

Often, car accidents occur due to the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the top four causes of accidents are drunk-driving, speeding, driver error (like failure to use signal lights or failure to buckle-up) and driving distractions, such as texting while driving, which is the leading type of distraction among young drivers in the US.

The causes of accidents mentioned above are all driver mistakes; thus, they are all preventable as they are all under the control of the driver. But there are also other causes of accidents that fall outside of a driver’s control and, since these are not obvious to the driver, the risk of accident is increased and the extent of damage and severity of injuries, possibly greater.

These other causes of accidents are defective car parts or poorly manufactured vehicular parts, like a defective braking system, airbag, child seat, seat belt and/or headlight or signal lights; then there is also the possibility of tire tread depth that falls short of government standard. These defects can be due to something that the manufacturer failed to do or something that the manufacturer did, but which is not supposed to be part of the manufacturing process.

Car defects are quite harder to prove. Despite the driver’s statement that a particular part failed to function properly, evidences that will prove the veracity of the driver’s words will be required. If proven, however, then the manufacturer of the defective car part will have a lot to answer for, including compensating the victim for his/her present and future accident-caused financial concerns, besides recalling the defective part so as not to put other lives in danger. Getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer, like the law firm Ali Mokaram, for example, may help in proving manufacturer fault, as well as in helping an injured victim seek the compensation he/she may be allowed under the law.

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What Makes Insider Trading Illegal

“Insider trading” is a term most investors associate with illegal conduct; however, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the term may be used to refer to both legal and illegal conduct. Its legal version refers to officers, directors, and employees and other corporate insiders buying and selling stock in their own companies (trading activities conducted by corporate insiders in their own securities must be reported to the SEC).

Illegal insider trading, on the other hand, refers “to buying or selling a security, in breach of a fiduciary duty or other relationship of trust and confidence, while in possession of material, nonpublic information about the security. Insider trading violations may also include ‘tipping’ such information, securities trading by the person ‘tipped,’ and securities trading by those who misappropriate such information.”

Insider trading cases include cases against:

Corporate officers, directors, and employees who, after learning of substantial and confidential corporate developments, trade their corporation’s securities;

“Tippees” of corporate officers, directors, and employees, which include bBusiness associates, friends, and family members, who trade the securities after getting to know of such corporate developments;

Employees of printing firms, banking, brokerage and law who were given information on such corporate developments to provide services to the corporation whose securities they are supposed to trade;

Government employees, who learns of such information by virtue of their employment in the government; and,

All others who misuse, and take advantage of, confidential information from their employers.

Detection and prosecution of insider trading violations is one of SEC’s enforcement priorities mainly because it damages the confidence and belief of investors have in the objectivity and integrity of the securities market.

To monitor illegal insider trading, the SEC looks at the trading volumes of stocks. Increase in volume of stocks usually occur after information or material news is issued to the public; however, if volumes rise dramatically despite there being no public issuance of information, then the SEC will consider this as a warning flag and so investigate to determine who may be responsible for the unusual trading and whether it was illegal.

As explained by Houston securities litigation lawyers, the actions of a dishonest insider, investment adviser or stockbroker can be enough to cause irreparable harm to your investments, your financial security, and your future. As devastating as it can be when your investments take a hit, it is important to remember that investors are protected under a range of state and federal trade laws. As such, there is a good chance you will be able to take legal action against whoever is found to be responsible for the illegal or unethical actions that culminated in your losses.

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A Brief Guide To Taxotere Lawsuits

French drug manufacturer Sanofi Aventis has been under fire as of late in relation to its chemotherapy drug Taxotere. The company has been the subject of lawsuits from breast cancer patients for not warning them of a serious side effect of the drug—permanent alopecia. Although hair loss is one of the common side effects of chemotherapy, taxotere has reportedly resulted to permanent hair loss.

The serious side effects of taxotere had not been known until December 2015 when the FDA has issued a warning on its label for its possible adverse reactions. Before that time, taxotere was the most popular drug used in chemotherapy. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, approximately 10 – 15% of women who used taxotere during treatment reported no hair growth for as long as ten years after stopping treatment.

Sanofi Aventis made around $1.4 billion per year for selling Taxotere. However, it was made at the expense of cancer patients who depended on the drug for survival and a possible chance of prolonging their life. Most of the lawsuits centered around Sanofi’s failure to determine the safety of Taxotere and its failure to warn patients of the risks associated with Taxotere. The plaintiffs also claimed that Sanofi misled them by saying that their hair will grow back but it did not. According to the plaintiffs, if they had known of the risks, they would have used other drugs for their treatment.

Taxotere can have serious consequences on a cancer patient. It could affect them emotionally and financially as well. If not for the drug, the patient would still have been earning much for their family. The good news is that there is still hope and those who have suffered may be able to recover damages and make the responsible parties liable for what they have done.

Taxotere lawsuits are covered by statute of limitations depending on the state so you must file the case within the time frame for filing a lawsuit.

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A Case of Permanent Hair Loss Due to Taxotere

Taxotere, (with the generic name, Docetaxel) is a cancer medication that was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of a variety of cancers including non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, and head and neck cancer.

Taxotere belongs to a family of chemotherapy drugs known as plant alkaloids. Chemotherapy is a form of treatment where cancer cells are killed; this is done by stopping cell division. Taxotere works by damaging the RNA or DNA, which informs the cells how to copy themselves while they divide. Cells that fail to divide die, resulting to the shrinking of cancerous tumors.

Some chemotherapy drugs are called cell-cycle specific; these are drugs that affect cells but only when they are dividing. Taxotere is one kind of drug that is cell-cycle specific. As a chemotherapy drug, it affects the blood cells that are found in the mouth, stomach and bowel, and hair follicles; this can result in low blood count, mouth sore, nausea, diarrhea, and/or hair loss (affected part of the body depends on the type of drug used).

For the past couple of years, women, who suffered from breast cancer and had been treated with Taxotere, have continuously surfaced to file lawsuits against Sanofi-Aventis, the manufacturer of Taxotere. The lawsuits filed are based on the drug’s side-effect, called alopecia, or permanent hair loss.

According to the law firm Williams Kherkher, Taxotere had been used to treat about 75% of all women in the U.S. who have, or formerly had, breast cancer. One big question they all ask is why, despite the availability of alternative chemotherapy drugs that were at least as -if not more – effective, doctors continued to recommend Taxotere without even informing them of the significantly increased chance of permanent hair loss.

Aside from loss of enjoyment of life, permanent baldness in women can also lead to psychological damage, additional medical expenses, and lost wages for cancer survivors who only wish to return to a normal life.

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