Who is to Blame for Auto Accidents?

Auto accidents happen every day in the US. In fact, nearly 4 (3.8) people died every day in auto accidents in the US in 2012, and that does not include the number of people that had been injured but survived.

It is a grim thought that every day in the US, four people will die unexpectedly. Except perhaps for psychics, people generally get into their vehicles believing that they will arrive at their destination safely. It is probably even worse for those who survive but end up seriously injured, even permanently disabled. They face weeks, months, maybe even years of surgery, rehabilitation, and recovery, and for some the costs can literally break them.

What makes it even more tragic is that many of these auto accidents are preventable. Negligent and reckless acts play a big part in causing these accidents, and the victims or their families may be able to get some compensation for their injuries and losses. But who is to blame?

The first party that comes to mind is the at-fault driver, and in some instances this is fully justified. Driver error accounts for many preventable accidents. However, it may not always be as clear-cut as that. Sometimes auto accidents happen because the vehicle of the at-fault driver malfunctioned. It could be a defective tire, a substandard ignition system, or faulty brakes. When the defective vehicle rather than the driver is to blame, everybody is a victim, but pinpointing the culprit can be difficult. It could be the auto maker, the parts manufacturer, the mechanic, the distributor, or the retailer, depending on the circumstances.

It would take significant resources to fully investigate an auto accident which may have been caused by negligence of some type. If you have been seriously injured or an immediate family member killed in a suspected negligent auto accident, you may be able to share the burden of the consequences. Consult with an experienced auto accident lawyer in your area for advice and assistance.


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