Kids Dental Health

Dental health is especially important for you as you grow and learn to follow routines – at home or school. Just as you follow a routine with getting up and getting dressed in the morning, it is also important for you to practice good dental hygiene on a regular basis. All children can get busy with their school work and activities, but following a schedule of good dental practices can benefit you in your growing years!

It is especially important for you to brush with toothpaste twice daily and floss your teeth once daily, preferably after eating a favorite snack or sweet beverage. Try to limit that sweet stuff! If you have a favorite fruit, cheese or yogurt, that may be better for you and to keep your teeth in great shape. If you also chew gum, try a sugarless one. There are some sugarless gums that have earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance by helping to prevent cavities by strengthening teeth. You can look for this ADA Seal when you get your chewing gum.

Flossing is a good habit to follow.   If you have questions about how to floss, ask your parents or your dentist. Flossing is good because it gets rid of bacteria and plaque buildup that could lead to inflammation and gum disease. To keep that beautiful smile, remember to floss.

It is also good to think about what you are eating because that affects your overall health and your dental health. Keeping your teeth and body healthy will help you as you grow older. Make sure that you get enough lean proteins, grains, and fruits and vegetables. The proteins that would be good are not just meats and seafood, but you also can have eggs, beans, legumes or peas.

If your teeth are out of alignment, you can check with your dentist to see if you can benefit from braces. Your teeth may get harder to keep clean and it could be easier to get cavities if you don’t get braces when you need them. For those of you that already have braces, good oral hygiene is especially important. Check with your dentist on foods that may need to be avoided, as they could interfere with the braces or bend the wires. Any sticky foods like caramel or chewy candy or gum would be best to be avoided if you have braces. Also, foods like hard candy, popcorn, or nuts may cause some issue with your braces. Or, if you like apples or carrots, try slicing them first before eating them. If you do have to go to the dentist to get your braces tightened and your teeth get sore, you can get by for a few days by eating softer foods like soups, smoothies, or oatmeal.

As a kid, you learn habits, so it is best to learn some good habits! It is best to not skip on your dental hygiene or a well-balanced diet! See the dentist regularly and smile!

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