What is Craft Beer?

Over the last several years, craft beers have skyrocketed in popularity. It seems like every bar in town offers a multitude of different types of local beers to try. However, for anyone just entering the craft beer scene, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Even just understanding what makes your drink a “craft beer” can be hard for a beginner. Thankfully, the beer experts at craftbeer.com have created a convenient guide to explain the basics of what makes a craft beer.

The United States has the largest selection of beers available in the entire world. There are over 150 styles of beer, over 2,000 brands, and an estimated 5,000 breweries creating individual craft beers.  These numbers have been on the rise since 2011, and they are expected to continue growing, as more people are discovering a love for the wide variety that craft beers offer. According to the article, it is difficult to strictly define a craft beer because each of these beers is different from one another. However, there are key factors to look for and recognize that help to create the quintessential craft brew. The most important of the include:

  • The primary ingredients used: these ingredients may include malt, hops, yeast, and water.
  • The senses used when tasting the beer: the appearance, mouthfeel, aroma, and flavor of the beer all enhance the actual drinking experience.
  • Elements which enhance the beer-drinking experience: these are additional components breweries may offer with their beer. Some of the most common include glassware, food pairings, and service
  • Key characteristics which define and differentiate beers: the SRM identifies the color of the beer, IBU measures the hops in the beer and how they affect the flavor, ABV determines how alcoholic the brew is, and gravity indicates the amount of residual sugar after fermentation

Each of these different factors makes up the beer that you are drinking, and they will change for every brew that you try. Determining which of these factors are you favorite can help you find other beers that you enjoy, and it will also allow you to better understand your drink.

Once you better understand the differences between craft beers, you can begin to choose your drinks more carefully. This allows you to try beers you know you will enjoy and venture into new beer territory. Although it will take time and practice to begin recognizing the differences in each brew, this knowledge can take your drinking experience to a different level of interest and enjoyment.

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